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Movie Review - Freedom Writers

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The opening scene kicks-off with voice-overs of police chatter and news reporters covering the disaster of LA riots with a background of a raw LA Riots footage rolling at the same time, showcasing the carnage and brutality of the worst riots ever recorded in US History. Over a minute long recording by a resident nearby names George Holliday of Rodney king an African-American resisting arrest for driving under influence and being beaten up brutally by four white policemen ignited hatred and unrest in whole black community. That was just the beginning, what erupted the volcano of protest and prejudice was the acquittal of three out of four policemen who were charged for using excessive force on King. The protest spread it's vicious pangs throughout the city and within days there were horrendous riots all over the city.

 Freedom Writers is based on the book called "The Freedom Writers Diary," which is a true story of Erin Gruwell played by Hilary Swank and the memorable students from the classroom 203 of Wilson high School. Richard La Gravenese (Director) says everything in the movie is true, which tells us immediately that we are up for some crude, hard-hitting, on your face truth for the next two hours!

Its Two years since the Rodney King Riots (LA Riots), Gruwell decides to teach the Wilson High school as a Freshman and Sophomore teacher.  She thinks the VIP (Voluntary Integration Program) is a good opportunity to shape young minds and not let them be consumed by the racist mentality which became the part of neighbourhoods. The rest of her colleagues will always have a bone to pick on her, either for her blunt honesty or her compassion to help her students from Room 203.

 Imelda Staunton pulls of rather egotistical and self righteous character of school departments head Margaret Campbell with a lot of tenacity. Her introductory scene with Gruwell in which she advice her not wear her expensive pearl necklace to her class immediately  makes Gruwell sink in uneasiness. As if the Room 203 is not full of students, but a bunch of low life gang-bangers who might just slit her throat for those pearls!

Gruwell’s relentless in her attempts to break the walls of racial hatred built by the students of classroom 203. Gruwell almost breaks the wall of discontent and hatred by forcing her students to play the game called "on the line!" which is one of the most heartfelt and powerful scenes of the movie. Gruwell as a part of school project gives every student a journal to write about themselves and their daily experiences. As they grow fonder to Miss G (Gruwell) they start sharing their struggles, hardships and happiness in their journals.  
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 The story runs along with the voice over narration of student’s describing about their past horror's and current living situation's. Richard has given importance to three specific stories, the first one is Eva’s played by the debutant April Lee Hernandez. She does a befitting justice towards her character who is conflicted between morals of protecting her own people or doing the right thing. Andre played by the singer Mario is sharp and effortlessly pulls off the role of boy who’s forced into drug –dealing because of his crude circumstances. The surprise package here is Marcus played by Jason Finn. A tall, Strong, soft-hearted, with deep eyes, curly hair and mellow chubby face, who gets kicked out by her mother for joining a gang, melts your heart in few brilliant scenes.
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Freedom writer is one emotionally heavy ride with countless moments which will make you feel sad, bitter and gleeful from time to time. The stories of students are well scripted and screenplay deserves a standing applaud. Although there are few glitches in direction, especially the smoothness which was required to move from one story to another is less transitional and more hurried, but the screenplay and writing of Richard makes up for his own minor directional flaw.

Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell or Miss G is Headstrong, fierce, sacrificing and pulls off a yet another "Million Dollar Baby," performance! Scott as husband played by Patrick Dempsey and Steve Gruwell father of Erin played by Scott Glenn, both have a very minimum role, but they play their part as anchors of Erin's life amicably. The dark horse of the movie is its background score by Mark Isham and Will.I.Am it blends in with every scene and gives them soul and vigor. Not so long time ago Nelson Mandela said "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others,'' So true are these immortal words!

Freedom Writers - Trailer .......

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The Problem is Civil Obedience!

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Just when you think you know Matt Damon... you will realise that you are not even close! This well articulated free thinker has talents beyond the realms of acting that sets him apart from his league of Hollywood actors. Matt Damon here talks about how every country's problem is pretty much the same, further reiterates the necessity of  removing 'Civil Obedience' from our blood and strengthen our spirits to oppose unjust laws, unnecessary war and to be disobedient for the greater good. Superb Speech!    

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love Lock down!

Sometimes you're just stuck in a love lock down, and believe me the best solution is to find the key to open that lock, otherwise eventually one will make the another fall!

P.S -  Jeanine and Phillip are my favourite artists!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

When it rains in September

When it rains in September,
residue from this ricochet is washed away,
brown pants are soaked in oblivion
lonely feet are dragging, but my heart just wishes to stay.
Wait one more minute, my ivory cloth isn't drenched yet,
essence of others were protruding solace smiles,
then I saw a troubled soul, I told him don't you fret.
life is uncertain like September rains. I moved away and so did he,
few steps away I looked back but I couldn't see.
My eyes closed in this ecstatic rain..... 

Life is uncertain in so many ways, can someone really tell what they would end up doing tomorrow, at the most you can plan it, but are you certain it will work the same way you envisioned. Everyone has a tiny doodle pad hidden in their brains and we all are artists in our own small way. We start drawing a beautiful art on our mental doodle pads as we start our day. If the day proceeds and your painting is turning out to be messy and sloppy, then don't panic just press Ctrl Z and start over again. Every human is entitled to make mistakes period! 

Ecstasy of Rains

Rains in September are the perfect example that life is uncertain and the best part is that we accept it from somewhere within and you can see that, when it starts to rain at the most unexpected time and you're without your umbrella coming back home after an exhausting day, you will still get a smile on your face when those pristine droplets of joy fall on your face. Some of you may run to take a shelter, but like a body under hypnosis your hands will leave the shade to feel the pure ecstasy of rains.

The Split-side 

Just like how a mattress gets very heavy when it is completely soaked in water, similarly we all carry a heavy baggage sometimes in our life, someone's unexpected death, sourness of broken trust or sometimes anger for annoying boss who gets sick pleasure in making you wait for no reason! For these people an unexpected rain is more like sprinkling salt on fresh wounds. Some people will look up, don't know why and start swearing like as if someone above has actually forgotten to close the shower "Damn you ass-wipe!"

I believe rains have telepathic connectivity to our emotions, it can trigger our moods and either be a tormenting agent or a relaxing one. It can make us cry or smile or both at the same time, but most importantly when it rains in September it teaches us that life will always be full of surprises and horrors and every step you will meet Mr. Uncertainty and he may take your best friends away, your loved ones away or he may even send a fire-breathing dragon informally known as boss in your life. All you need to do is just like how you smiled when it rained, when you were least expecting it, just smile!

Good Night Che!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Please wake me up when September ends!!!

It's raining again, teardrops of pain,
it came full circle to take me again.
soaked in Jezebels blood,
you found my bones slithering to descend
please wake me up when September ends!
My soul is imbrued in war and taken to far,
golden wheat skin with seven years of scar.
Sky is anemic, I see luminous wings,
an immaculate angel with no hands to lend,
please wake me up when September ends!

When was the last time you laid your troubled head down on someone's comforting lap and drifted into a sublime sleep forgetting your tiring day or a painful night, I guess for most of you it would be when you were kids, either on your mom's or dad's! Why is that? Because probably you were caught up in this ridiculous race, which is a rather colloquial expression for the word "LIFE!"

I am so sorry Mr. Soldier, you always get manipulated by politicians all around the world, who live in their cosy pent houses and extravagant bungalows. I'm sorry that they fooled you and tricked you into the war which was based on pre-meditated fabrication. They told you that you're doing a service for your country and now you have an innocent's blood on your hand! Even if I'll try to wash them for you, but these stains are permanent, they won't go away! We are a bunch of buffoons if we think that what's happening in Syria will not happen in Kashmir tomorrow because it's not Shia's or Sunni's or Hindu's or Muslim's it's about the ulterior financial and power monarchy and it's a race and they don't care if there are ten pawns on chessboard or twenty they all are expendables.
I am not a religious person, but I understand faith and in Quran its written that "when one innocent person dies in vain all humankind dies with it!" The only way we can protect our almost depleted innocence is by starting to care and love each other, by buying the arm's and ammunition's of kindness and compassion. Relationship! In any given day is powerful then a warship! Love is an omnipotent energy that can light up the dark room.

Loosing someone without a choice given is impregnable harsh reality, but leaving a person for a selfish reason is as good as walking in a maze of fire with a blind-fold, you will only burn yourself! Bitterness and ignorance only attracts adversity and nobody should be a part of this vicious cycle. I hope that this month doesn't mark another chapter of bloodshed in our human history. I'll be going to sleep now and dream of a tranquil and serene tomorrow, but if that's not the case then can somebody, please! Wake me up when September ends!

R.I.P Andy Armstrong

Good Night Che!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Iraq 2.0 - The Chemical Syria!

In the wake of alleged Chemical attack on people of Damascus, The world is bewildered by the complexity of the intense fuming situation in Syria. While US is blatantly being affirmative that the attack was done by the regime (Assad's Govt) itself, and to add the fuel to the fire! Unilateral support of western powers is just making the situation more volatile. US is being very strong in its rhetoric and states that it needs to intervene the situation in Syria on humanitarian grounds. The ridiculous irony here is that so-called "humanitarian intervention," according to US will be, no boots on the ground! Meaning no American army on the grounds of Syria, but a definitive air strikes on specific targets, in short only Syrian bloodshed. Syria have already lost more than 100,000 people until now because of the grotesque conflicts between the Syrian Rebels and Assad's supporters, so would it be wise to bomb them more, seriously! What are you! 'Ten o something!' Obama, Mister Nobel Peace Prize! Even my annoying neighbours much more annoying nine year old knows better!

I have been following up on the story very closely so I'll jump as quick as a gag reflex on Why's of this absurd story? We all know the pretext of Iraq war, the fake propaganda created by President Bush making a mockery of the American people and the congress.-

President Bush - "We believe that Iraq has capabilities of having Weapons of Mass Destruction and its imperative we attack"

After seven years The Result! - No WMD Sir! Only hummus, prunes and some approximately 150 million barrels of Oil." 

President Bush- "Ahhh Crap!" "No WMD?" Well what the hell! There is Oil!

So, why would Assad's Govt use Chemical weapons on their own people? to make it more confusing, when they have been winning all the battles on the grounds against Syrian rebels for at least two months now, This information is a fact proven by different analysts and journalists on ground zero in Syria. Why UN did not investigate who was responsible for Chemical attacks when they were doing an assessment of chemical use in the affected region? They have already reached Netherland and are now doing analysis of shells, blood samples of victims and Syrian soldiers collected in Damascus and also reviewing the testimonies from the victims. The point here is even if the result comes positive it will still not give us answers as to who was responsible for the attack? What is the ulterior strategy behind waging such an imbecile war! What is US thinking of establishing here regime change? We know even if they do, it will still not help the country; Iraq and Afghanistan war are the classic example for that!

There have always been hidden agenda behind these so-called "war on terror!" You take any war from the books of history there will always be a page missing! They all had fake propaganda's which either lead to exploit Geo-political opportunities or economic incentives and sometimes both! The dilemma here is even hardcore analysts are not able to find any motive's or agenda behind this outrageous response by US on still an alleged attack, with illogical motives and everything related to the story is very sketchy in regard to the number of civilians deaths because of the "Chem attack!" And the authenticity of the video posted on you-tube which shows horrific images and content.

I was an ardent supporter of Barrack Obama when he launched his first campaign for presidency, the change! Even my wildest contemplation couldn't decipher what he actually meant by the word "change!" After patiently waiting for the bloody change which never happened, during his second campaign I realised he is just a good orator, he delivers extraordinary speeches, but not even 10% of what he says he actually implements. In my words he is nicely suited walking and talking lawyerismatic (Lawyer+charismatic) individual, but a "Deluding Argumentalist" (Word invented by me Argumentalist - A person who is gifted with an ability to argue in a dialogue with suave and power, even if the argument is a lie or deceit) "O-bomb-a! The Nobel," has no strategy here, probably is saving up his face for making the "Red Line!"

There are so many questions that needs to be discussed before any military action is taken and that's the humanitarian way of dealing with it, by waiting for the G20 Summit, which is next week in St Petersburg to discuss this in an international forum, to come up with diplomatic solutions, to stop sending arms to the Syrian rebels and at the same time stop military actions as well, to push for peaceful solutions and not bomb it, for crying out loud, they are already killing each other!

Watch the following video to stay updated with current situation in Syria, Obama has already confirmed that they will be going ahead with the military action!

I will be keeping a close tab as this horrendous episode progresses, please make sure to like, add or subsribe to know more and stay up-to-date!
Take care, Che!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Memoirs of "Honest Jeremiah!"

Jeremiah was an above-average boy he had a light wheatish skin tone, apple cheeks with a prominent chin, his nose was up-turned almost like a girl, thick eyebrows, his eyes were intoxicating and moles within his eyes made it look even more mesmerizing. He was nick-named "Jerry," by his mother Nayantara, she was soft-spoken and brittle, exuded obscure expression all the time, her cheeks were wide, eyebrows were naturally alluring, always dressed in a light colored "Salwar Kameez." The most appealing feature of her body was her light honey-wheat complexion which would glow in sunlight and radiate her serene personality, she was pleasing by her tone as well as by her demeanor, she was a loved house-maker and was respected in society, she was friends with almost every kid in the block. Jeremiah was well spoken, shy, and mostly reserved with very fewer friends to mingle with, egg-headed, but academics was never his forte, as years passed, his attachment and interest in academics also grew apart from each other like people in long distance relationships.

It was recorded as the coldest day on Jan 27th 1999 since 1991. That winter was the harshest and for Jerry it was not because of cataclysmic cold, but the overwhelming feeling of subterfuge which was eating Jerry inside out, sitting in a corner of his room, contemplating ways to afloat his drowning conscience.

Jerry had stolen Five hundred rupees from his father!

His father had a small locker in his wardrobe and it wasn't well-bolted and in Jerry's words "even my dumb dog could break in that locker!" We both were planning to watch a movie and party at our friend's house to celebrate our impossible triumph to pass our eighth grade examination. We both had our obvious doubts of making that year although we had just scored above passing percentage which was more than enough for us, our parents never understood that feeling I might refer it imbecile now, but back then it was more like attainment of "Mission Impossible!" Jeremiahs father was barely making enough wages to suffice his family needs, although he was getting up on his own feet, but stability was still a far-fetched reality. Jeremiah had no choice, but to steal it from his father's unbolted locker, the tide was in the sailor's favour that night, his father had gone for two days to visit his cousins, a perfect opportunity to break in and steal the money. Next day Jerry met us, with five notes of hundred's in his hands and back then five hundred rupees was a luxurious amount, he was trying to flaunt a lot, to the level of irritation, but I guess all he was trying to convey was, "star of the party!" Has arrived!

We enjoyed the movie and then the party, we did so many things for the first time! It was exciting and weirdly satisfying, we had a over-night party for the first time, we had cold-beers for the first time I had two successful sips and Jerry had three, which was rather courageous back then and to top that we socialized with "girls!" for the first time. Actually, the last part was more than satisfying to be honest! There was one thing Jerry did extra for the "first time!" that day, it was stealing money! I could tell that when the party was phasing out, I saw a hint of shame on his face, but I forgot about it because we all were in a drift of partying. Next Day when we all were going home and bidding adieu! I could see that Jerry's face had turned from wheatish to yellow, at that time I thought: huh! Maybe he is just constipated!

It was day before the morning, when Jerry's father was supposed to arrive from his trip. As the daylight slipped into twilight, Jerry's face turned from yellow to blood red, In the corner of his room, in deep thoughts he remembered the stories recited by Nayantara when he was in primary (Junior School), Although Jerry never listened to Nayantara, unless Jerry wanted something! In his sunken contemplation he drifted back three years ago when she constantly read him the stories of Mohandas Gandhi, she recited Jerry a lot of stories on M Gandhi, but there was one story that she nagged him over and over again, it was a story on "Gandhi's first lesson in Non-violence." In the story Mohandas steals gold from his brother to pay his another brother's debt, deep in remorse and unable to amend the wrong that he did. After being overwhelmed with the helplessness of his situations, he decides he will confess everything to his father, so he writes a letter to his father accepting his wrongdoings and asking for the most severe punishment possible. At that time his father was ill, Mohandas went up to him and slipped the letter next to him on his bed and stood quietly in a corner, deeply moved by his truthfulness Mohandas father broke out into tears, watching his father cry, Mohandas decided to never lie again! The story enlightened Jerry's conscience and he gave a kiss on Nayantaras right cheek and ran down his room to write a letter of his confession of stealing money and kept it on his father's desk.

Next day, Jerry's father had arrived and after a brief chat with Nayantara he closed the conversation with a warm kiss and hug and slowly moved towards his desk, as he was slowly arriving to where the letter was kept, Jerry's heart skipped a beat, he picked up the letter and started reading it and Jerry was anxiously watching towards the desk which was right across his room, trying to figure out his father's reaction as he had his back towards the room, Jerry was unable to establish that, after few seconds in his husky voice his father called out, "Jerry can you please come here"! Cold sweat dripping from his forehead, Jerry took small, but heavy steps towards the desk. Jerry's father turned around with an assuring light smile on his face. Probably Jerry was expecting tears in his father's eyes, but a smile was also a satisfying result of his courage, he came close to Jerry and said: "Thank you for being honest Jerry and this time with much broader smile, he said: "the locker that I save my money is for you son! You can have that money, but next time just ask me?" Jerry could no longer look into his father's eyes and feeling embarrassed by giving in to a foolish temptation, Jerry decided that he will never steal or lie ever again!

I waited until school was open to hear his story and that day I realised I made gem of a friend and in my own words his name was "Honest Jeremiah"

Following story is adapted from a real incident. Characters are modified and changed to respect privacy of these individuals, who gave us one of the most important lessons to abide, Joshua D. Greene and Joseph M. Paxton are experts in neuroscience; they have presented a hypothesis called "Grace" which proves that honesty is a result from absence of temptation. If Jerry understood the importance of not giving in to his own imbecile temptations in such an early age than, I don't think so it's difficult for adults to realise who are invariably less honest then kids nowadays and probably because we have this insatiable hunger for unreasonable temptation, but why? I guess only Rakhi Sawant can answer that! Zikes! I joke! I joke!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look What you've done!

"Bring me back my point of view,
in this self absorbed world as where I stand
is nothing, but a quicksand
and I feel like I'm slowly drowning in this unknown scary place!"

My friends we have entered the age of power supremacy, buffoons ruling our democracy and never ending race to reach somewhere! Well where to, we are still trying figure that part out, but mostly towards the happiness. In the movie "The pursuit of happYness" when Will Smith deciphers the words said by "Thomas Jefferson," makes me realise and agree that happiness can only be achieved in a form of pursuit, there is no stage in life when a person will pack his bags and say, yes! I'm happy now! So why are we running frantically, sometimes stampeding like a raging bull with no remorse to 'who' or 'what' got crushed beneath our feet.

I have mentioned this a lot of times in my previous posts that we as humans need to take a timely stop in this stone-deaf pursuit. Stop and give a hug to your mother, who spend half of her life in a much worthier pursuit of showering you with irreplaceable love and care. In your office when you're working on an important task, just before you start working on it, give a call to your loved ones and tell them that you love them and you mean to them your world, it's a simple gesture, but they won't be expecting it which makes that simple gesture, simply priceless!  

Did you ever wonder why the world's most simplest things are the most difficult ones, how many times we just kept numb when we wanted to say something so desperately! In relationships, how many times you wished if you could have just "let go of something," rather than drifting in your dismal contemplation, talking to yourself, "shit! If I would have accepted the apology and had not let my egotistical ideals take the better of me, things would have been so different!" Most of us live in this imbecilic denial, self-assuring yourself that the situation you are in does not hurt you, but in reality it's eating you inside out, most of you will pretend to 'look happy,' not knowing that you haven't just fooled everybody around you, but yourself too.

Humans are bound to make a mistake, that’s in our core nature; the right question to ask yourself is to what extent those mistakes hurt you. If it hurt you to the extent, where you cannot fix yourself or the relation then the obviousness of this scenario will require you to move on from that bruised part of your life, but if you have even a minuscule apprehension that you could fix it, take a step back and think hard before someone says to you "Look what you've done, you made a fool of everyone!"

And yes happy British free India, Independence is overrated! Take care che!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Surveillance! Progressive or oppressive tools of the modern society?

Before I say anything, please ask yourself this question, can we ever get a total security? The truth-full answer to that would be a "No", Of course unless you were in a prison cell with no windows, in that case no one can harm you because there would be no one there apart then you! Sounds scary right Mumbai city in 2042 fully under surveillance 0% crime and now renamed we call it "The Mumbai Concentration Camp!"  More scary right! There are many reasons why “total security,” is not possible mainly because the criminal mentality is not inherent with that person, but it dwells in the psychological conditions and environment that person was raised in! Of Course there are many other reasons like social stigma, injustice, poverty, etc. I don't like using the word "terrorist" because I feel it's a glorified word which Government officials and media uses it over and over again to spark fear in commoners mind. There are only two ways a society can be established one way is harmony, peace and tranquillity and the other is the fear, hatred distrust, they are very effective reasons for bunch of people to come together and form as we call it a society. Think about it, don't we agree that we choose to stay at a particular place for two critical reasons, which is more important than reasons like if a school or a hospital nearby is that if the place is "safe" and the people who live there are "peaceful" and "non-violent."

It's been embedded to us that security is equal to excellent surveillance, which is correct! I recommend that, public places should have CCTV cameras, Traffic signals should have cameras, etc, but what I don't understand is why our passwords, our interactions on social networking websites, our emails, our phone call conversation are under a scanner when we have no link to any type of extremist activity or group. Have we reached that far, where movies like "Minority Report" is a reality of today and if you haven't watched the movie then let me sum it up for you, it's a movie based on future crimes the police through some ridiculous technology gets to know, when a person is going to commit a crime and detain them before they actually do it, Right! The movie had a good concept and Tom Cruise acted really well, but that's about it, you cannot predict a crime in the future! That's the reality! So why is our government not doing anything about the mass surveillance programs like "prism," these programs are collecting massive data of information like your phone call conversations, internet activities, emails, social website chats, etc, and let's not forget collecting all these information without a probable cause which directly violates constitutional rights of privacy.

The funny part is US government is controlling the general public outrage by stating it's for foreign intelligence and trying to pacify them by saying, we are not snooping on American people"! Then, wait a minute! That means it's for us, countries like China, India, Russia and the worst part is our government officials are relishing every morning on samosa's and Chai  instead of asking questions and probing the extent of these spying programs. At least other countries government officials and spokesperson are condemning these programs.

 Let’s just see what they have to say -

The German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Peter Schaar, condemned the program as "monstrous." He further added that White House claims "do-not reassure me at all" and that "given the large number of German users of Google, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft services, I expect the German government is committed to clarification and limitation of surveillance."

The Italian president of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Antonello Soro, said that the surveillance dragnet "would not be legal in Italy" and would be "contrary to the principles of our legislation and would represent a very serious violation."

And what do we think? You will not fathom what Indian minister of external affairs Salman Khurshid said:

 "this is not scrutiny and access to actual messages. It is only computer analysis of patterns of calls and emails that are being sent. It is not actually snooping specifically on content of anybody's message or conversation. Some of the information they got out of their scrutiny, they were able to use it to prevent serious terrorist attacks in several countries."

Seriously Mr. Khurshid, Which one! Please share some facts and figures? Oh yeah! Of course it's a secret! Sshhh!!! Where almost every country government officials are shouting mutiny! Probably, he was taking a nap! While we are still debating on the "Prism" Program, on July 31st The Guardian posted a document stating program called X key Score, and the document states that the program has total 150 Sites and 700 servers which collected 41 billion records in 2012 and New Delhi is one of the sites according to the documents released by "The Guardian." So they did spy on us while we were oblivious of the reality and without any legal permission by our judicial system which in simple words is "Unconstitutional Mr. Khurshid!" It's also makes me wonder are these the only spy programs or there are more?

Following is the link of the entire document covered by "The Guardian" Which explains everything about "X Key Score program," and how it's "very important," for all of us to realise that big brother/boss is watching us.... Shhhhhhh!

The Guardian post on synopsis of X Key Score program!

Watch this Video by Truth loader -

Thanks to whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Wiki leaks Owner Julian Assange, I see the world crystal clear now when are you going to wake up?

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Failure is a hard road to success!!!

History has proven us time and again that people who have failed in their start up attempts have always embarked their names in history. When you are laughed upon or people don’t support your vision, it’s the first sign that you were born as an uncommon individual in this world and being uncommon is the first step of success.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Liberated Quotes No - 1

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now that’s “Da Liberated Dope!”

Somehow I can't fathom why the quotient of being or doing "the Cool" is always associated to something so illogical and brainless. For E.g. Uber coolness of drinking soft drinks like Pepsi, etc. Why? Just because their advertisement features hunky-dory star flaunting absurd reasons for us to spend ten times more money in compare to actually making these cola drinks on the first place. This bacterial consumerism in my views is the exact opposite of what I would call is "the liberated dope!" We all know by drinking cola is just going to make our bones weak and decrease our immunity to fight diseases, there might be possibility that you may, end up in an ad commercial, but it won't be next to Shahrukh khan or Beckham singing the Cola song! It would be of 'WHO' (World Health Organization) on How did I get Osteoporosis? Now how many people know about Usman Riaz, At least I did not until today, he's one of the brilliant young talents in the world of music and creativity. I like the part that when he talks he protrudes genuineness and courteousness with absolute zero percent of egotistical traits in his personality in spite of achieving enormous amount of success in an early age.

Music, arts, dancing and creativity are the tools to stay in touch with humanitarian side of ourselves. A human experience is one of the unique experiences, which dwells from act of kindness; it's there in watching a street art or a flash mob performance, it's the feeling of being a part of something bigger than money, you or any superficial fantasy ingested by illusions of today's society. Watching this young man perform on the stage was inspiring in so many ways, but specifically I would like to highlight two important things that you can learn from this young prodigy of guitar is to firstly, never stop learning and experimenting! Raised in a family of stalwarts in classical music and art from Pakistan he never limited himself to what was given to him hereditary, but by breaking the norms and learning the art of finger-style in guitar or learning harmonica. Secondly, to never stop pursuing your passion no matter what! The hunger to learn new things always excited him, even if that meant no professional help and countless hours of practicing by just watching YouTube videos of his favourite Guitarist. The outcome of his relentless passion landed him on the same stage with his idol Preston Reed, A dynamite finger-style guitarist in one of the TED Shows.

I loved the way in this video above; he finished off with a quote right before he plays the last piece on guitar by saying, "we have so much Information and knowledge available to us at our fingertips, just imagine what we could do if we decided to use it" it struck me like a lightning and I could not help, but to contemplate of how many things I left behind saying to the mirror that I was not equipped with the knowledge to do it." In the world were almost everything is assumed obsolete or limited, these forms of art will always be in abundance, whether its art of creative writing, dance or music. They are and will always inspire us in all forms and spheres of life whether you are a banker, an athlete or an artist, so let's appreciate these apparatus of human experience which will always keep us high on the philanthropic quotient and that's why I say! Now that's "da liberated dope!"

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You Tube Link  for Usman Riaz  -