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Movie Review - RUSH

Fast cars, crazy men & Goosebumps! -

During the 70’s, Formula one was the sport of rebels, hot headed, living on the edge type of men, it was intense and a dangerous sport where every year at least Two formula One drivers died in a terrible accident due to the lack of safety. Rush is a Ron Howard’s masterpiece on the famous rivalry between two iconic drivers of Formula One racing, James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl)
Rush starts with Niki Lauda’s voice over about how he perceived Formula One racing as dangerous mad man’s sport on the day when Lauda met with the horrific accident. Whilst Lauda narrates and the story pushes deep into these two men’s contrast lives, within no time you are glued to your seat. In a fraction of a second you are all set to enter the world of 70’s Formula One era of roaring engines, hot pit girls, sexy F1 cars and most importantly in James Hunt’s own words “Men who were fully alive because they were close to death.” The film delivers a potent start and goes back beautifully in time when Hunt and Lauda were pitted together in a Formula Three race and how both of them grew as racers and became arch rivals. It was the time when it was not about which racer would win? It was all about will Hunt defeat Lauda and vice versa...
As the film progresses it showcases the differences between the F1 genius (Lauda) and Brit racer (Hunt), but also placidly reveals the similarities and camaraderie between both the drivers. The uniqueness of this movie resonates through Howard’s minuscule detailing of the events, excellent storytelling, and authenticity without extra dramatic fictional elements to make it sellable. Case in Point: The scene of the near fatal accident of Lauda in German Grand Prix is identical, frame by frame to the real crash.
Rush is an intertwining tale of these two heroic legends of F1 and their passion to be a winner at any cost which took both the racers to their extreme themselves. From the Adrenaline pumping races to depressing fatal accidents and murky hospital wards, the movie takes you deep into the lives of these racers and to the point that you feel their pain, agony, defeat, victory and happiness. The Background score of film earns a brownie point for creating the uneasiness and tightness in the scenes. So whether it is the philandering ways of Hunt or the crudeness of Lauda, it’s the music that enhances these larger than life portrayals. Rush is high on visual metaphors, edge of the seat action and breathtaking cinematography.

Performances by entire cast is supreme, Hemsworth deserves a standing applaud for playing the Brit Playboy aggressive racer, Olivia Wilde as Suzy (Hunt’s wife) has a short role, but does justice to her short screen time. Alexandra Maria Lara as Marlene Lauda is resplendent in the role of Lauda’s wife and his inadmissible anchor. Although all performances are apt and authentic, but my vote goes to Daniel Bruhl the German actor who plays the role of the blunt, calculative, three times F1 champion Niki Lauda.. Bruhl gets into the soul of the Austrian racer, right from the intonation of the voice to the display of Lauda’s darker shades, his fears of falling in love, in the odd two hours of the film; it’s not Daniel Bruhl playing Niki Lauda... It’s Niki Lauda himself! 

If you love F1 or not this movie is not to be missed, it’s a yet another classic by Ron Howard!

Rush - Movie Trailer

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Deepika Padukone is "RADIOACTIVE!' (Admirer's Musing)

This video is a pure 'admirer's musing' for the talented, tenacious, and scintillating diva of Bollywood...
Deepika Padukone!

If there is any female actor in B-town who has the caliber and the persona to pull of roles like of Uma Thurman in KILL BILL or Angelina Joie in SALT, it's definitely our long legged beauty 'Dippy!' I hope my small tribute as an admirer is appreciated!
And hopefully very soon we will see Deepika in a lead role of a high octane thriller cum action flick!

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A bag as heavy as a chocolate box!

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Love often tastes like liquor chocolates; it fills you up with the sublime chocolaty taste at first. Slowly introducing the bittersweet symphony of liquor, and then leaving you with the aftertaste that makes you want for more! Unlike a box full of ordinary sweetened chocolates, a bag filled with your memories does not always give you the precise candy-coated feeling. A Bag filled with your memories is more like a mixture of different chocolates, sometimes you will get mint chocolates, which leaves you cold, yet it will somehow soothe you from within. It may also have milk chocolates, which will simply boost up your spirit like the overheated milk spilling from the container. It can also surprise you with the selectively refined pure cocoa based dark chocolate! It might taste nasty to you in beginning, but the moment you will slowly devour on its rich pure flavor, you will realize that it is your tongue that has become used to of only sweet stuff. You would realize that it's forgotten what true chocolate tastes like, more like a reality check!

Hopefully! Like most of you, I also have a corner in my house, which is somewhat my pure precinct, there is a small cabinet in, which there is a bag, which has all my memories locked up and safe. Unabashedly! Yes I am that kind of a guy who has the paper napkins with the soft faded lipstick marks of my first ever girlfriend in school. Yes! The same napkin which she was back then going to throw in the trash bin and, being the kind of guy I was back then I might have just picked that up from the trash. On a second thought if that would have really happened, then I most certainly would never mention that in my blog-post. Moving on! So with that 10-year-old grungy looking napkin with repulsively awful smell there are also some of my rather decent and appropriate memories. Which keeps me rather grounded, self-reliant and always takes me into a sweet melancholic ride whenever I decide to embrace them on a cloudy day!

Every time I feel lost or depressed, I go to my bag full of memories, which I lovingly call it my ‘Inspirational Pitara'. Some may call this as some sort of an obsessive disorder. But I always go through my stuff in a chronological order… So it will start from the stuff that I sometimes in embarrassment call it ‘ bloody junk stuff' which I collected during my school and college days. But as I move towards more of my recent memories I always do end up saying this to me silently, “it is not that bad bro!” So whether it's the amateur rap songs, the collection of poetries written by me the self-proclaimed ‘Urdu Galib', which might sound like a Gali (Abuse) if heard by the actual Galib. But yes all of those are memories of me in making. So whether it were those old restaurants bills where I had special dinners with a special someone or the movie tickets of our favourite movies. Which we watched together and gobbled up the single bucket of cheese popcorn with equal zest and love as if we were sipping on a single glass of wine together on a romantic evening. If you have ever collected these priceless assets you would know that in an instant those small, not even pennies worth papers have already made you travel back in time and relive those naïve and enchanted moments that not even a million-dollar cheque can give you! 

Photo Credit  - Raj Dalvi
Photo Credit - She's Crafty

Like an early teen's first visit at the amusement park, whenever I felt satisfied, after fidgeting and feeling the touch of different types of objects I preserved to contain those memories. I would close the bag and keep it again in my safe place, and then when I would lie straight on my bed relaxing my nerves. I would realize that there is something about me that has changed. That bag as heavy as a chocolate box has given me the taste of my life that I had led so far. The little ‘Inspirational Pitara' has given me a new perspective, has shown me the journey of an ignorant, childlike me to a much mellowed, fully seasoned twenty seven year old me! On the most gloomy and low-spirited day, sometimes all you need is a change of prospect, to shift your life's panorama from darkness too the light. Who would have thought that bag full of junk for a stranger, could easily become your lifesaver!

Photo Credit  - Raj Dalvi

Photo Credit - Raj Dalvi

So if you are in your early teens or for that matter of fact even if you are a 40 year old, reading this blog-post, please get a bag and start collecting yourself as you spend this life, if you are at a coffee shop with the girl or a guy whom you love and don't have it in you to express it to them. Write your feelings down on a piece of napkin and give it to him or her, and when years pass by and whether you are still with that person or not, remove that napkin from that bag and travel back in time, when you were high-strung and twitchy in love! No form of power, nor any amount of money can get you that feeling. Most importantly do not forget to relish those memories with a nice box of dark chocolate! Savy, take care, Che!       


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Movie Review - Freedom Writers

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The opening scene kicks-off with voice-overs of police chatter and news reporters covering the disaster of LA riots with a background of a raw LA Riots footage rolling at the same time, showcasing the carnage and brutality of the worst riots ever recorded in US History. Over a minute long recording by a resident nearby names George Holliday of Rodney king an African-American resisting arrest for driving under influence and being beaten up brutally by four white policemen ignited hatred and unrest in whole black community. That was just the beginning, what erupted the volcano of protest and prejudice was the acquittal of three out of four policemen who were charged for using excessive force on King. The protest spread it's vicious pangs throughout the city and within days there were horrendous riots all over the city.

 Freedom Writers is based on the book called "The Freedom Writers Diary," which is a true story of Erin Gruwell played by Hilary Swank and the memorable students from the classroom 203 of Wilson high School. Richard La Gravenese (Director) says everything in the movie is true, which tells us immediately that we are up for some crude, hard-hitting, on your face truth for the next two hours!

Its Two years since the Rodney King Riots (LA Riots), Gruwell decides to teach the Wilson High school as a Freshman and Sophomore teacher.  She thinks the VIP (Voluntary Integration Program) is a good opportunity to shape young minds and not let them be consumed by the racist mentality which became the part of neighbourhoods. The rest of her colleagues will always have a bone to pick on her, either for her blunt honesty or her compassion to help her students from Room 203.

 Imelda Staunton pulls of rather egotistical and self righteous character of school departments head Margaret Campbell with a lot of tenacity. Her introductory scene with Gruwell in which she advice her not wear her expensive pearl necklace to her class immediately  makes Gruwell sink in uneasiness. As if the Room 203 is not full of students, but a bunch of low life gang-bangers who might just slit her throat for those pearls!

Gruwell’s relentless in her attempts to break the walls of racial hatred built by the students of classroom 203. Gruwell almost breaks the wall of discontent and hatred by forcing her students to play the game called "on the line!" which is one of the most heartfelt and powerful scenes of the movie. Gruwell as a part of school project gives every student a journal to write about themselves and their daily experiences. As they grow fonder to Miss G (Gruwell) they start sharing their struggles, hardships and happiness in their journals.  
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 The story runs along with the voice over narration of student’s describing about their past horror's and current living situation's. Richard has given importance to three specific stories, the first one is Eva’s played by the debutant April Lee Hernandez. She does a befitting justice towards her character who is conflicted between morals of protecting her own people or doing the right thing. Andre played by the singer Mario is sharp and effortlessly pulls off the role of boy who’s forced into drug –dealing because of his crude circumstances. The surprise package here is Marcus played by Jason Finn. A tall, Strong, soft-hearted, with deep eyes, curly hair and mellow chubby face, who gets kicked out by her mother for joining a gang, melts your heart in few brilliant scenes.
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Freedom writer is one emotionally heavy ride with countless moments which will make you feel sad, bitter and gleeful from time to time. The stories of students are well scripted and screenplay deserves a standing applaud. Although there are few glitches in direction, especially the smoothness which was required to move from one story to another is less transitional and more hurried, but the screenplay and writing of Richard makes up for his own minor directional flaw.

Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell or Miss G is Headstrong, fierce, sacrificing and pulls off a yet another "Million Dollar Baby," performance! Scott as husband played by Patrick Dempsey and Steve Gruwell father of Erin played by Scott Glenn, both have a very minimum role, but they play their part as anchors of Erin's life amicably. The dark horse of the movie is its background score by Mark Isham and Will.I.Am it blends in with every scene and gives them soul and vigor. Not so long time ago Nelson Mandela said "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others,'' So true are these immortal words!

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